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Greetings from Lord Armand!

The following responses to Lord Tristan's questions was penned in the wee
hours of the morning after HL Ameline was already asleep so be aware that
these are Lord Armand's responses.

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> After sitting back and observing listening and reading the questions and
> answers posted on the list I decided to post several of my own. The
> following questions need to be thought about but not necessarily answered
> in a public forum so feel free to answer privately if you wish.
> 1. Have the Candidates read Copora and Kingdom law
Yes. I have completely read through both Corpora and Kingdom law, more than
once. I have spent several hours with Corpora, the governing documents and
bylaws as a consequence of sitting on the Grand Council. Prior to being
appointed Vicar, I refreshed/reviewed my understanding of Kingdom Law. I
have printed copies in my possession (in my vehicle actually) so they are
readily available as well as having them in electronic format for quick

> 2. Have the Candidates read the sections in Copora and Kingdom law
> reguarding the responsibilities of Landeds?
Absolutely. Specifically looking for differences between those of
Barons/Baronesses and Vicars/Vicaresses. I have confidence in a clear
understanding of the duties and responsibilities of both.

> 3. What are your short and long term goals in the SCA?
Armand's short term goal for himself: To improve my chivalric fighting
prowess to soon become a tournament contender.
Armand's long term goal for himself: To live, and have a deeper
understanding of, the knightly virtues and instill such a desire in my
children, family and friends.
Armand's short term goal for Elfsea: To encourage group cohesiveness and
create a comfortable environment where all are welcome, and have opportunity
to contribute, learn, excel and have fun.
Armand's long term goal for Elfsea: To see our barony become a model for the
knowne world. To be the example, by any measure, of a successful group.

> 4. How will being B&B affect your goals?
My ability to compete in certain events will be impaired, but otherwise
being Baron will encourage me to be more consistent with my training. My
other goals will benefit greatly from a position as Baron of such a dynamic

> 5. How will your Goals affect your job as B&B?
My desire to improve my chivalric prowess will most likely assist those with
a similar mindset. I will have to focus more on other aspects to assure they
are not neglected. Fighters can often get focused on their training to the
exclusion of other areas of interest. My other goals should be a positive
influence on my job as Baron.

> 6. To those candidates who have children, how do your kids feel about you
> putting in for the hats? (this affects them to)
This is a critical concern of ours. Our children (both boys) are 7 and 10
and are therefore too young to truly understand the full implications of mom
and dad being B&B. However, they have already had a sample of some of the
inconveniences and we have tried to impress upon them that such occurrences
would be common for possibly a very long time (relative to a child of
course). Our boys seem very enthusiastic about the prospect, which I
personally found surprising.

> 7. How do you define the roll and responsibilities of the Baron and
> of Elfsea?
Section 3 of Article III in kingdom law provides the precise definition of
the rights and duties of territorial Barons & Baronesses. Section V.B. of
Corpora also outlines the responsibilities of Territorial Baron and
Baronesses (all of which are basically repeated in Ansteorra Law noted

Corpora provides individual kingdoms with much leeway in defining specific
duties. Ansteorran law does state the responsibility "To ensure, for the
Crown, the well being and contentment of the Barony and of their subjects
therein, to provide a Baronial court for the training of officers valuable
to the Crown, and to encourage historical interaction, research, and
creativity within the Barony."

Most of the remaining points are concerned with B&B's responsibilities to
the crown. I understand, accept and agree with the points listed there.
However, the "well being and contentment of the Barony and of their subjects
therein" seems a very brief consideration shown to the populace and is open
to very subjective interpretation. I am struck by the contrast in emphasis
on the specific responsibilities to the crown vs. the somewhat "fuzzy" ones
to the populace. I can imagine why the law got written that way, and I'm not
quite sure how I would change it.

Fortunately, the role and responsibilities of B&B's will be one of the
topics discussed at Round Table this coming weekend. Some see the role &
responsibilities of B&B's as having changed over the years. That they have
become more responsible, with less power to influence the areas they are
being held responsible for. Of course, we will comply with the wishes of the
crown and personal responsibility is an extremely important consideration
for us. It is something we expect of ourselves and from those around us. To
be effective, one must have the communication and tools necessary to do so.
I would encourage you to attend Round Table, if possible, to hear how this
question is addressed there.

If instead you were after a more warm and fuzzy answer: I see our role and
responsibility as B&B as being the Crown's representative to the populace,
counselor to the crown, and voice of the populace. I feel the Baron &
Baroness should provide a honorable and respectable example for others to

> 8. Why to you want to be my Baron and Baroness?
For the big bucks. Seriously, I feel it would be a service we are capable of
rendering to the barony that has served us so well in the past. I am
confident that together Ameline and I can lead effectively, in the best
interests of the barony, and that the age of our children affords us a
window of opportunity to do so.

> Tristan

In the service of kingdom, crown and Elfsea, I remain,
Lord Armand Dragonetti

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