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MessageMy guess is that is "WHY" the Knight Marshal posted the question here.  The idea was brought to his attention and he is doing what a good officer should do.....find out if this idea is more suitable to the fighters that attend fighter practice.

I am not a fighter, but I do attend most fighter practices and this time and day would work better for me.

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  Ceatta wrote:

  But what about those who are at church on Sunday Mornings?

    >Alaric wrote:

    >Greetings All

    >A suggestion was made to change the day and time of our monthly fighter practice.  The suggestions was to move the day from the 3rd >Saturday to the 3rd Sunday and to start at 10:30 am, end at 12:30 pm.
    >The reason for this is that most one day events are on Saturday and there would be no conflicts with those wishing to attend events like 
    >Red Tape
    >The change to 10:30 am would allow us to meet in the coolest part of the day but still allow time for those that wished to attend Elfsea's 
    >fighter practice.
    >This would also allow us to expand our fighter practices from once to twice a month, say the 1st and 3rd Sundays.
    >Please give me your opinions on this BEFORE our next populace.  That way if there is an interest we can announce it at populace.
    >Also I have set up a Loch Ruadh Chivalric email address at Yahoo. So if you, would please send any messages for your Knights Marshal to 
    >lr_chivalric at yahoo.com
    >Yours in Service 
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