[Loch-Ruadh] RE: [Elfsea] Polling Questions

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Mon Jul 21 11:19:11 PDT 2003

If you need Duchess Julia's mailing address please contact me (or this
list) and I will email it to you.  I don't feel comfortable putting
personal information on the mailing list without permission.

Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

Master Richard Fairbourne wrote:

If you are not able to attend the polling, mail in your opinion to the
Central Regional Seneschal with your top three choices. I would do this
before the meeting. My understanding is that you will not be able to
email your opinion, you must put it writing. I would also list my
membership number on your mailed in document if you have a membership.

Master Richard Fairbourne
Elfsea Baronial Seneschal

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