[Loch-Ruadh] My "ideal" Baron & Baroness of Elfsea are:

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Tue Jul 22 10:03:07 PDT 2003

This is my reply to a private email I received from Caelin. He asked me
"What issues are deciding issues for your support in the upcoming
polling.?" I have posted my answer to him here because I would be
interested in your answers to that question.

I am looking at candidates that are and/or will be:

**Communicating on all levels!!!!
**Level headed thinkers and LISTENERS.
**Not afraid to make some unpopular decisions.
**Well dressed, well spoken and have presence.
**Able to keep private conversations private.
**Willing to seek and accept council when needed.
**Traveling, representing Elfsea and it's satellite groups in ALL
**Actively seeking the views of a wide cross section of the populace and
it's satellite groups.
**More concerned and proactive with the retention of people instead of
just recruiting them.
**Actively promoting more openness with the populace. I would be even
more impressed if They initiated this at Moot by asking the officers
and/or a member of the populace their opinion on spending funds, events,
**Asking questions about issues and finances at MOOT, not just business
**Reading officer reports and if they are late.....finding out why and
asking how they can help.
**Consulting with the officers and/or members of the satellite groups
BEFORE making Award recommendations to Crown.
**Consulting the satellite groups calendars BEFORE adding to the Elfsea
calendar.  If conflicts are unavoidable at least speak to the group
before said item is published.
**Showing an active interest in the satellite groups: Assigning a mentor
to the college, attending an activity once in a while, meeting with
seneschals and/or officers of those groups.
**Acknowledging the satellite groups artisans, fighters and workers.
Give their "home" group credit as well as Elfsea.
**Actively promoting and supporting Loch Ruadh's endeavor in achieving
Shire status...like that is a surprise!!

The sad thing is every mover and shaker in the Barony should have been
encouraging and/or able to do most of the above without sitting on or
even seeking the Baronial Thrones. If they had maybe we wouldn't be in
the middle of a hat race now.

After the announcement of the "new" B&B unfortunately not everyone will
be happy. That's life, get over it!! For the well being of the Barony it
is my hope that every candidate that sought the privilege of sitting the
Baronial Thrones will be there to help and support the "victors". See
what YOU can do to keep Elfsea a healthy and happy Barony.

Baroness Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Loch Ruadh Seneschal
Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

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