[Loch-Ruadh] My "ideal" Baron & Baroness of Elfsea are:

Kathy Varner dkv250 at msn.com
Wed Jul 23 09:52:02 PDT 2003

It’s taken a bit of thought to come up with a response as to my idea of an 
“ideal” B&B.
I don’t have a lot of experience with how B&B’s have acted or with how they 
should act either. The Barony has been in flux since I joined, and has not 
appeared settled or stable.
I have heard many instances of the accomplishments and activities of the 
Barony and hope to experience these first hand.
I volunteer where and when I can, and generally attend Moot, and regularly 
attend the meetings of the Canton which drew me into the game.
I think that a Baron and Baroness need to:
1.Present an admirable and positive attitude to the Kingdom and Knowne World
2.Represent the entire populace of the Barony at all events and functions 
3.Encourage all members of the Populace to participate in events and 
functions, without   overpowering newcomers with a call to volunteer.
4.Listen to all questions, concerns, ideas, and pleas with equal attention
5.Enjoy what they are doing without causing other’s joy to diminish
6.Actively perform all the various tasks required of the general populace
7.Support and encourage all members of the populace in their various Society 
focused activities
8.Keep an open mind, and ear, hearing what is going on
9.Share information freely and without prejudice
10.Consult the Populace about all decisions which affect the Barony
11.Be Honorable and trustworthy

Caitrin ferch Rhys
Canton of Loch Ruadh
House Mac an Ghabhann

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