[Loch-Ruadh] Madelina's Questions

Don and Monica dmriney at earthlink.net
Thu Jul 24 18:58:36 PDT 2003

Madelina de Lindesay asked the following questions.  Though we can answer
based upon our past experience, it is hard to answer these in context of
what we would do as Baron and Baroness. As landeds there is a greater
comitment to the group and arangments would have to be made to ensure the
group would have leadership and support as we aranged our lives to cope with
a given crisis.

1. If something happened to you, either financially or health wise (Heaven
forbid!), that caused you to have to take a yearlong hiatus from the S.C.A.,
how would you feel? (Crushed? relieved?, etc.)

We have had to slow down considerably at times and have even taken several
months off before; therefore we know how we would feel.  If we had to take a
long hiatus we would miss our friends that are too far away for us to see
around town.  It is a bit depressing to take a break from a part of our
lives that brings us as much joy as does the SCA.  In the end, though, our
family and real life comes first.  The SCA wouldn't come to a screeching
halt without us and it would still be here when we were able to come back.

2. In the above situation, what would you do with your free time?

Both of us would continue to pursue our hobbies.  Our arts and crafts that
we participate in and enjoy are facilitated by the SCA not dependant on it.
Depending on what forced the break from active play in the SCA, we would
work on recovering from that problem whether it is financial, medical, or

In service to Elfsea and Ansteorra
Darius of the Bells, OL
Rosalia di Bellavita, OP

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