[Loch-Ruadh] I am moveing

KEALLY - COLLEEN keally at juno.com
Tue Jul 29 13:39:25 PDT 2003

As a proud member of your dawn patrol, I declare that I will try my best to do the duties that you will not be able to perform while in OK. But am looking forward to the times when I have you around to hang out with. We will miss you. 

Keally Tiller
Lady Colleen O'Kelly
Heiress FalconRose
Clan MacBraun
Screaming Spoon

--- "Kylan Ulfgierrson" <kylan__ at hotmail.com> wrote:

Who else are we to get,
1. To walk the entire site all night, ensuring the sleeping lords and ladies 
stay safe, with a mug and a song.
2. To great us in the morn, when all others are still asleep, with a mug and 
a song.
3. To keep our drunken brothers at bay, with a mug and a song.
4. To ward off intruders, with a mug and a song.
5. To tell us tells, with a mug and a song.

Here's too all three of you.... cheers

Harra Kylan Ulfgierrson
Former War Chieftain of House Broken Axe
Soon to be again, well one day... I hope...
In service to the dream...

----Original Message Follows----

   It is with mixed emotions that I wright this missive. I am moveing to the 
northern regions of our fair kingdom, Midwest city is next to Okc much like 
Benbrook is to Fort Worth .Although I did not start my journey in the sca in 
Loch Ruadh over the last 11 or so years it has become home full of family 
and friends . I will still be at lughnasade and hope to see all there I also 
will be at defender for sure (no way I would miss the wedding!) I will be 
traveling down to visit pretty often.If there is a meeting  or a bardic 
while I am in town I will be there plus when anyone travels north to namron 
or weisenfeur events more than likely I will be there as well.I will still 
be on the list as well. I look forward to seeingeveryone at the event thanks 
to everyone who has made me a part of there sca family.
                Terric Brokenaxe
                Chieftan House Brokenaxe
                Still Graceful Guzzler of Loch Ruadh

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Loch-Ruadh mailing list
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