[Loch-Ruadh] Loch Ruadh Directory!!!

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Thu May 1 13:10:59 PDT 2003

It is time to update the Loch Ruadh Directory!!!

If you want your information published please DO NOT hit the reply

Instead, copy and paste this message from the *******'s, fill in your
information, put your name in the "Subject Line", and send it to:

mac_an_ghabhann at yahoo.com

Please do not send multiple people in the same email.  Copy, paste
and change names, etc. (including the "Subject Line") and send.

If you have any questions please contact me.

Keeper of the LR Directory
Dana Mac an Ghabhann
Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

The email you send back will serve as a release from you of the
information that has been sent to mac_an_ghabhann at yahoo.com
to be published in the Loch Ruadh Directory with the exception
of any information preceded by (DNP).

SCA Name:
Mundane Name:
Street Address:
Apartment #:
City, State and Zip Code:
Home Phone:
Cell Phone:
Work Phone:
Primary Email Address:
Alternate Email Address:

If you want to include information you DO NOT want published, but feel
someone might need, please type "(DNP)"  on that line followed by the
Example:   Cell Phone: (DNP) 817-555-5555
I will contact you privately on how that information is to be handled.

If you do not want some information published please type (PRIVATE) on
that line.
Example:  Street Address: (PRIVATE)
This will let me know it wasn't missed by accident.


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