[Loch-Ruadh] wake work weekend at Polydore's

Polydore polydore at worldnet.att.net
Thu May 1 16:34:19 PDT 2003

Padraig mentioned 10am, which sounds good to me.  If you are coming in
the morning, you might want to bring something for lunch... later on in
the day, I will supply someething, perhaps Pizzas, for the crew.

An extra weedeater wouldn't hurt, nor would a hedge trimmer... the
bushes are in bad need of a haircut!

I should have most everything else - we can always run into town if we
find need of  cleaning chemicals.

Remember chairs, drinks, etc.

I will be here! (grin)


janesitton at earthlink.net wrote:

>Ok, so it's not an entire weekend, but I bet it will feel like it when we get done....
>What time should we start showing up?  Should we bring anything, such as weed eaters, rakes, brooms, cleaning supplies, or ??
>How late does everyone plan on staying?  Should we bring stuff for brunch/lunch or supper?
>Who all is planning to be there?
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