[Loch-Ruadh] Lughnasad Coordinator's List

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Mon May 5 13:01:01 PDT 2003

Below is the list of people who have volunteered to coordinate jobs and activities for Lughnasad.  As we have some Autocrats-in-Training, I have divided up responsibility for overseeing the activities into groups; I’d like each Autocrat-in-Training to check with each coordinator in their group to make sure that everything is on track and that everyone has everything they need to do their jobs.  Please let me know about any problems as soon as possible so we can get them resolved quickly.

I don’t make a note of who was going to check with the DFT folk about running the Thrown Weapons activity – has this been done?

Bice, was it you that was going to get in touch with Hakim and Zahara about running the Hafla?

Unless there are any immediate questions, we’ll go over all of this further at the planning meeting on the 12th.

In Service,
Autocrat, Lughnasad A.S. XXXVIII

Lughnasad Coordinator’s List

Autocrat:  Padraig
	Set Up – Aingeal
        Tear Down – Robartach
        Titled Bard – Padraig
        Children’s Bardic – Elanor and Antigonus
        Baronial Liaison – Dana
	Coffee and Tea – Dana

Autocrat-in-Training:  Fiona
	Gate – Fiona
	Chivalric Combat – Alaric
        Rapier Combat – Alasdair
        Archery – Tewared
        Thrown Weapons – DFT(?)
        Youth Rapier – Caerell
        Boffer – open (Dohmnall or Terric?)

Autocrat-in-Training:  Caitrin
	Arts and Sciences – Caitrin
	Publicity – Eirikr / Caitrin / Asa
        Site Tokens – Thorgeirr
	Herald – Medb
        Security – Rolf
        Youth Archery – Elizabeth
        Hafla – Hakim and Zahara

Autocrat-in-Training:  Madelina
	Chirurgeon – Magdalea
        Waterbearing – Cormac
        Feast – Brigit and Sybil
        Merchant Liaison – Innes
        Prize Reeve – Dohmnall
        Donnybrook – Polydore
        List Mistress – Aingeal

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