[Loch-Ruadh] Items Needed for the Wake

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Truly, dear lady, no offense was taken.  I am full aware of the fact that I am sometimes... how should I say it? ...detained?  hampered?  encumbered?  embarassed?  by my plans being changed without a moment's noticed by my significant other.  Logan never knows when he is going to be laid flat by pain, which is what happened regarding the Viking encampment.  He overdid it, loading, lifting, & etc., and had to rest before making the drive.  Luckily, we made it in time for the judging.

I now have a reliable vehicle, and despite the fact that I don't like to drive, especially at night, can make certain I fulfill my promises if I find myself otherwise thwarted.  Also, I have started saying, "I MIGHT" be able to do such and such.


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I do apologize - I certainly didn't mean to
be or sound tacky. There are some of us who
tend to volunteer and do and bring soooo much,
that we sometimes just don't have time to do
it all. I am more guilty of that than anyone.

polydore at worldnet.att.net wrote:

> She certainly got here early and did a lot of work last year, > and they were both out here last weekend doing prep. work.
> Speaking of which, I must give a big thank you to all who were > here last week, and also to those who did workshop work a
> couple of weeks ago!!!
> Polydore

(Now, I'm going to pump myself full
of caffiene before I read or respond
to any more emails.)

De gusitbus non est disputandum.

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