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It is pot luck... he is what we show so far:
Hmmm I don't see any bread on the list.

We have suppies to make iced tea, lemonaid, and ice water, anybody wants
somethng else, they bring it.
You want something cold, bring coolers and ice. I cannot supply cooling
for 50 persons beverages!

One turkey, one leg of lamb, pork roast, (all smopked) and a BBQ
brisket, and one dead Irishman, supplied my me and Padraig

The food list is as
follows thus far:

smoked meats

7-layer bean dip
potato salad
Banana pudding (diabetic recipe)
homemade salsa and chips
veggie-pasta salad
Fried Rice
Pea Salad
Green Beans
deviled eggs

Possibles suggested(please let me know when you

corn salad
Chocolate Texas sheet cake
checkered cake

Please remember this is BYOB (bring your own
beverage)and something to drink it out of.

Feel free to email me at fem_cat at yahoo.com or call me
at home 817-581-9012 and let me know what you would
like to share.

See y'all Saturday!


Stefen and Rhonda Hays wrote:

>So, was there a list of side dishes to bring...I have not been reading the
>lists this week and Daire usually keeps the mailbox pretty cleaned out.
>Or is this just pot luck and we need veggies and dessert?
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>>The Porta castle is here...
>>And the weather forcast is not too bad.  weatehr.com has it clearing
>>during the day tomorrow out here.
>>Now I gotta go mow, again. Grows mighty fast with all the heavy dew this
>>past week.
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