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Bribes of foot rubs, mead, and amber have all worked in the past.  As for how to keep your lady in the dark, I fear it can't be done.  She is a woman, after all, and a keen one at that.  You're on your own there, buddy.  Your only hope is to mention that it is made with honey, which contains fructose, rather than with sugar, which is sucrose.

;) Madelina

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What kind of bribe would it take for you to make that most wonderous of deserts  - Baklava and how can I keep Fiona from finding out I had any of the Baklava?  These are the questions! (to take serious liberties with the Bard's words).


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Lord willin' and the crick don't rise, I'll make the checkered cake. Logan will be making Satanic Eggs.  I have hinted at baklava, provided I get enough bribes, but so far, no one has bribed me with anything, so I haven't decided on that yet.  If someone wants to bring ice cream, I've got a #10 can of Hershey's dark syrup.... (evil laugh....)


De gusitbus non est disputandum.

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