[Loch-Ruadh] Demo

PBW pookie2 at airmail.net
Fri May 9 19:50:13 PDT 2003

Ok, as promised here is the information on a possible demo opportunity.
May 30th (this is the Friday *after* Warlord) I am participating in the
American Cancer Society's "Relay for Life". At this relay each group has
a theme; my team wants to do a Middle Ages theme (geee... wonder why?)
and would love to use this opportunity to "kill two birds with one
stone": Add some flair to our area and offer a demo opportunity to Loch
Ruadh that would have media publicity. We could do demos of heavy/light
weapons, A&S, Bardic (my personal favorite) and whatever else we can
think of (except archery unfortunately).

This would start about 6pm Friday evening until ???? (the relay goes
until 7am Saturday). It would be "dry" as this is held on WISD property
but I imagine we could manage.

Any ideas? Thoughts?


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