[Loch-Ruadh] Yeah!

HRAFNASDOT@aol.com HRAFNASDOT at aol.com
Sat May 10 07:35:24 PDT 2003

In a message dated 5/10/2003 1:00:48 AM Eastern Standard Time, Ldyinnes writes:

> I also got the same message 4 times

AOL was squirrelly last night - lost one very important letter I took a LONG time on composing, it just disappearred, unable to send, kablooey (#@!!!**@# program).  Then I couldn't get this little one to send at all.  Suddenly it sticks and sends it FOUR times.

I gave up, went to bed and finally got a good nights sleep in a cool room that wasn't 90' all night.

Sorry for the multiple posts, but it does indicate how happy I am I have air conditioning again!


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