[Loch-Ruadh] After the Wake...

padraig_ruad@irishbard.com padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Mon May 12 07:48:05 PDT 2003

I am pleased to say that once again my passing was a great success.  I hope that everyone who came out to celebrate my demise and resurrection had as good a time as I did; for me, the Wake just keeps getting better every year.

My lady, Amber, told me that she counted at least 80 people in attendance.  Were I poor as a church mouse, I would count myself rich indeed to know that I have so many friends.  I thank you all for helping me to celebrate life with our little spoof on death.

Special thanks to Lord Polydore, for once again letting us use his Keep for our revels; to Lord Dohmnall for being the coordinator for the whole thing; to Lady Aingeal for organizing the Beerpit (I'm not sure who enjoyed the boffer fighting more, the participants of the spectators); to Lady Bice for arranging the game with the balls (you had to be there); to Lord Conall and Lady Magdalea for bringing out the tables, pavilions and the firepit from the Canton storage shed (too hot for the firepit and dry enough that we didn't have to set up the pavilions, but I'm glad we had them, just in case); to Lord Alaric and all those who helped him organize the workshop so we could use it for serving the feast; to Lord Vigolf and those who helped him set up the tiki torches; to Laird Sean for sharing a fine bottle of Jameson's Gold Irish Whiskey; to Lord Triggvald for the gift of a fine bottle of Dewar's White Label (while I lean more towards Irish whiskey, Dewar's is a fine example of Scots Whiskey and extremely drinkable); to Lady Madelina for the gift of The Dirty Song Book (more after midnight songs!); to those who served as my pallbearers; to those who organized the dancing starring, among others, Terric and Vigolf (though I think their punishment should have required a much longer dance); to everyone who brought food for the feast - a triumph, with plenty for all, and a variety that was very impressive; to Lady Bice, who along with her helpers Lady Gwenllian and Big Guy, carved up the smoked meats; to Lord Arodon and Lord Kylan for dog-herding the very friendly, big white dog back to his owners when he was determined to share in our feast (not to mention the entertainment factor for those of us standing in line for feast at the time).  I know I have probably forgotten to thank some folks; this is not intentional, but due only to my poor memory, and I ask you forgiveness.  Everything that was done to make the Wake a success is very much appreciated.

And last, and most importantly, to my lady, who knows exactly what I'm like, and yet loves me anyway, who brought me back to this mortal life with the Water of Life (which, by the way, I do not recommend for use as a nasal spray or eye wash, despite my fondness for a "drap o' the craythur").

I have not heard who won (if that is the correct term) the Beerpit.  Lady Aingeal, can you let us know, please?  And Bice, did someone actually win the ball-rolling game?  Or was it just for fun (not to mention entertainment)?  There were both amusing and depressing pieces about death doen for the Dead Bard Competition, and I enjoyed them all.  Being completely arbitrary and self-serving, I chose Lady Madelina to be the Dead Bard, as she performed a wonderful song that she wrote about me forgetting about being dead.  She received a Dead Bard Staff (okay, it was a dead branch), a Dead Bard Mug full of coffin dirt and worms (crushed chocolate graham crackers and gummi worms), and the privilege of wearing for the evening the Dead Bard Cloak (the most god-awful orange bedspead you ever saw).

Next year, the Wake will be a part of the 300 Years Birthday Party.  More details will be announced as time goes by, but let me assure you that this will be a _really_ big, _really_ fun party.

Again, my thanks to all of you.


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