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And may all your deaths end in resurrections!


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> Subject: [Loch-Ruadh] After the Wake...
> I am pleased to say that once again my passing was a great success.  I
>  that everyone who came out to celebrate my demise and resurrection had
as =
> good a time as I did; for me, the Wake just keeps getting better every
> .
> My lady, Amber, told me that she counted at least 80 people in
attendance. =
>  Were I poor as a church mouse, I would count myself rich indeed to know
> at I have so many friends.  I thank you all for helping me to celebrate
> e with our little spoof on death.
> Special thanks to Lord Polydore, for once again letting us use his Keep
>  our revels; to Lord Dohmnall for being the coordinator for the whole
> ; to Lady Aingeal for organizing the Beerpit (I'm not sure who enjoyed
the =
> boffer fighting more, the participants of the spectators); to Lady Bice
>  arranging the game with the balls (you had to be there); to Lord Conall
> d Lady Magdalea for bringing out the tables, pavilions and the firepit
>  the Canton storage shed (too hot for the firepit and dry enough that we
> dn't have to set up the pavilions, but I'm glad we had them, just in
>  to Lord Alaric and all those who helped him organize the workshop so we
> uld use it for serving the feast; to Lord Vigolf and those who helped him
> et up the tiki torches; to Laird Sean for sharing a fine bottle of
> s Gold Irish Whiskey; to Lord Triggvald for the gift of a fine bottle of
> war's White Label (while I lean more towards Irish whiskey, Dewar's is a
> ne example of Scots Whiskey and extremely drinkable); to Lady Madelina
for =
> the gift of The Dirty Song Book (more after midnight songs!); to those
who =
> served as my pallbearers; to those who organized the dancing starring,
> g others, Terric and Vigolf (though I think their punishment should have
> quired a much longer dance); to everyone who brought food for the feast -
>  triumph, with plenty for all, and a variety that was very impressive; to
> ady Bice, who along with her helpers Lady Gwenllian and Big Guy, carved
up =
> the smoked meats; to Lord Arodon and Lord Kylan for dog-herding the very
> iendly, big white dog back to his owners when he was determined to share
>  our feast (not to mention the entertainment factor for those of us
> g in line for feast at the time).  I know I have probably forgotten to
> k some folks; this is not intentional, but due only to my poor memory,
and =
> I ask you forgiveness.  Everything that was done to make the Wake a
>  is very much appreciated.
> And last, and most importantly, to my lady, who knows exactly what I'm
> , and yet loves me anyway, who brought me back to this mortal life with
>  Water of Life (which, by the way, I do not recommend for use as a nasal
> ray or eye wash, despite my fondness for a "drap o' the craythur").
> I have not heard who won (if that is the correct term) the Beerpit.  Lady
> ingeal, can you let us know, please?  And Bice, did someone actually win
> e ball-rolling game?  Or was it just for fun (not to mention
> ?  There were both amusing and depressing pieces about death doen for the
> ead Bard Competition, and I enjoyed them all.  Being completely arbitrary
> nd self-serving, I chose Lady Madelina to be the Dead Bard, as she
> d a wonderful song that she wrote about me forgetting about being dead.
> e received a Dead Bard Staff (okay, it was a dead branch), a Dead Bard
Mug =
> full of coffin dirt and worms (crushed chocolate graham crackers and
gummi =
> worms), and the privilege of wearing for the evening the Dead Bard Cloak
> he most god-awful orange bedspead you ever saw).
> Next year, the Wake will be a part of the 300 Years Birthday Party.  More
> etails will be announced as time goes by, but let me assure you that this
> ill be a _really_ big, _really_ fun party.
> Again, my thanks to all of you.
> Padraig
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