[Loch-Ruadh] ** VIRUS ADVISORY - W32/Fizzer@MM **

Kylan Ulfgierrson kylan__ at hotmail.com
Tue May 13 09:43:39 PDT 2003

       ** VIRUS ADVISORY - W32/Fizzer at MM **

W32/Fizzer at MM is a Medium-On-Watch mass-mailing worm, which
spreads by emailing itself to addresses in your Windows
Address Book and others on your PC. It tries to terminate
your AV software, contains a keylogger and attempts to
spread using other programs, including IRC, AIM and Kazaa.
It arrives as an executable email attachment, requiring
users to double-click on the file to become infected.
Caution: An infected email can come from addresses you
recognize and may contain the following information:

Subject: [content varies]

Body: [content varies]

Attachment: [ standard executable extensions: .exe, .pif,
.scr ]

Current and up-to-date VirusScan users are protected from
this threat.

Learn More about W32/Fizzer at MM:
==> http://clinic.mcafee.com/clinic/ibuy/campaign.asp?cid=5531

Scan for W32/Fizzer at MM:
==> http://clinic.mcafee.com/clinic/ibuy/campaign.asp?cid=5127

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