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Ok-  We have one of the most unusual and challenging shoots that I have seen
for the Steppes Archer.  I hope many will participate.  Please crosspost to
local lists as needed. The archery events for the two days are as follows:

8 am to court- childrens/beginner practice and instruction

court to noon- Qualification rounds, instruction

Noon-          William Tell shoot  ****silver medallion prize

End of Will Tell shoot to 3pm- qualification rounds

Novice shoot- Royal rounds plus one surprise extra round- prize is 35# pecan
longbow  (no novices will be harmed during this shoot)

8 am Childrens competition- Prize in morning court

Morning court

Court to Noon- qualification round

Noon to about 4 or 5- Steppes Archer competition- some adjustment may be
needed depending on number of archers and another round may be added if
necessary.  Minimum qualification-Bowman rank.

	round 1- Seige
	round 2- The Hunt
	round 3- Precision Required
	round 4- Stand Your Ground
	round 5- Final Duel- Archer against Crossbow
One dozen period purpleheart-footed arrows from the Steppes archery guild
with a new 42# English tillered, linenbacked redoak longbow.

Hope to see you there
Jacques the Spink
Steppes Archery Marshall

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