[Loch-Ruadh] Fw: [SCA_MoAS] Feasts & Foods

Steve Rourke steverourke at charter.net
Sun May 18 10:16:31 PDT 2003

This came off of one of the A&S lists I subscribe to. With all the cooks in
our group, I thought there might be interest in this one.

> Another eGroup.  :-)
> It has been three years since I did the SCA-wide Feast Survey and I
> still
> receive comments and inquires about it.  In an effort to consolidate
> SCA Food
> and Feasts inquires I have opened an eGroup on Yahoo at:
> http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SCAFoodandFeasts/?yguid=127109165
> Or you can search Yahoo Groups SCA Food and Feasts.
> The site is for anyone who wants to exchange SCA feast recipes (most
> of my
> recipes are in quantities of 25-50 - some for servings of 100).  It
> is not just
> for the authenticity cook, but for those that cook along the ambiance
> lines
> also. Experienced and new feast cooks welcome.  ALL feast and food
> questions
> and comments are welcome.
> The original SCA-wide Feast Survey is still online at URL:
> http://www.virtue.to/feast_survey/
> To prevent SPAM you have to request to join, but anyone can join.
> Feel free to
> post this information on any SCA Group List.
> Mistress Rayne Moyra
> Meridies

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