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> Greeting fellow bards from Willow de Wisp
> I hope all of you are up to performing at Warlord. The Gentles of
> Ansteorra have provide a bunch of largess and their will be an
> opportunity for all of you to get some. There are canes and clothes and
> books and jewelry and plates and cups and pouches and wall hangings and
> candles and herbs and stuff and more stuff. It is the Bardic Hoard. There
> will several fires to go circuit on and each fire will have ribbons. The
> more ribbons you get the more stuff you can pick. The only rule is are on
> your honor to only turn in earned ribbons. Earned ribbons are ribbons
> gotten for a performance. All performing styles are allowable. I think
> this will be fun!!
> The Quest for the Bardic Hoard will start after court on Sat. I will be
> hosting one of the fires so I hope to see you all there.
> Duchess Willow de Wisp
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