[Loch-Ruadh] Contact for Lord Aradon of Falcon Rose

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Mon May 26 20:09:59 PDT 2003

Their cell phones got drowned in the mud over the weekend and probably aren't working.

your best bet is to email Tangwystl directly at her elfsea email address.

"Alaric and Fiona" <sidhe01 at swbell.net> wrote:

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>Does anyone know ow I can get in touch wqith Aradon?  I've been callinbg hios and Lady Tangwystl's (spelling?) cell phones since yesterday.
>I have the use of a 16' trailer and am willig to go to Canotn and pick up his stuff and even haul it to Mineral Wells, but I Only have the trailer today (it's a loaner) and I am off today.
>If someone could get a message to him to Call Alaric Morganygg at 817-235-3572 I would appreciate it.
>In service
> Alaric
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