[Loch-Ruadh] Is This Thing On?

padraig_ruad@irishbard.com padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Wed May 28 09:45:17 PDT 2003

This list has been very quiet the last few days - is everyone still recovering from Warlord XXX (or as I've seen it referred to, Waterlord III)?

The tent Sean was kind enough to let me use is currently set up in my back yard to finish drying and airing out - thanks again for the loan, Sean.

Sean, Fiona, Alaric, Gwenllian and I rode out the storm under the pavilion and tarp between the tents of Fiona and Alaric, and Elizabeth and Big Guy.  I sang until I was hoarse, even with the help of much bard lubricant, and then we sat and talked and drank until it was nearly dawn, while the water slowly rose above our ankles, and even more slowly finally began to drain away.  Dana, Aingeal, Cearell and the boys made their way to the direr and more solid shelter of the Hall, which the rest of us damn fools probably should have done, but we were well in our cups by that time and feeling invulnerable.  We were joined sometime in the wee hours by Elizabeth and Big Guy, though Big Guy decided his truck would be a much drier place to sleep and repaired thereto.  While events where everything goes well are great, it is this kind of experience that makes for the real "no foolin', there I was" stories that get shared for years to come.

(Note:  I have already put in the request for the weather for Lughnasad {reasonably cool for August, dry, low humidity, light cloud cover but no rain}, so I hope to avoid "no foolin', there I was" stories about Lughnasad).

All in all, I had a lot of fun.  But then, I always do.  :-)


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