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Fri May 30 08:11:30 PDT 2003

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Check out the twists and turns metalcrafters took in designing
the Middle Ages with this week's look at Heavy Metal - Medieval...

AND welcome a new advertiser to the site - National Geographic.
They offer some interesting buys - and with ad banners that look like
they were especially designed for NewYorkCarver.com. Since
Internet bandwidth isn't free (what is?), your patronage of
advertisers help keep the site and it's unique content up
and running. Thanks for the continued support....

PLUS...Ever wondered what it'd be like to live in real medieval
German castle? ...while in Birmingham, UK they discover the
drinkers that time forgot when archeologists uncover a medieval
pub...and in Toronto it's argued that compared to the Middle Ages,
SARS is just a blip on the radar...and more... "In the News"...


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