[Loch-Ruadh] Demo tonight

Chris Harper bice.pietro at charter.net
Fri May 30 22:47:30 PDT 2003

First let me apologize for not making the demo.  Second let me explain that
it was all Dunstan's fault.  Now I guess you want to know how that happened
so I will just go ahead and get it over with now.  If you will remember
that back on May 6th, I begged Dunstan to get his schedule changed because
I was being over run with pigs.  I went on to say that I had so many
gathered here that my whole back yard was turning into a pig wallow.  While
that was not exactly true at the time, please keep in mind all the rain we
have had since that time.

Now, I used to have a fish pond in my back yard but we found out that gold
fish and raccoons do not mix, so to speak and the fish pond went by the
wayside, almost.  Since we keep no fish in it,  it just gathers dirt,
leaves, etc. which turn into compost.......until it rains.   Then I have
the best mud wallow you could imagine.  And today it is in full bloom.

Since I have a new fence in back and my dog can't get out anymore, I am
letting him learn to stay outside for a little while at a time.  Today I
left him out for about 30 minutes-------and then forgot him.  About 2 hours
later, I thought "oh darn, where is Buddy".  Then it dawned on me that he
was in the back yard.  I looked and there he laid in the shade of a tree
BUT he looked funny.  He is normally golden tan and white but now he was
very little tan, some white and a whole lot of black.  He had discovered
the old fish pond and was as happy as a clam.  Reminded me of the pictures
of littles kids having so much fun stomping in mud puddles; he was prancing
around and wanted to come in the house.  NOT!!  Needless to say he had to
go to the groomers and have a bath.

And I said all of that so it would make sense when I  said that I couldn't
make the demo because I had to hang around to pick up my dog when they got
through with him since my hubby was on two emergency a/c calls.

As I said in the beginning--------it is all Dunstan's fault!    So how was
the demo?  Were there a lot of people there?  Did you have fun?   DID YOU


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