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Greetings Elfsea!

For the benefit of those who might not yet know, Their Stellar Majesties are revising kingdom law to limit the number of events groups may hold as kingdom calendar events. Annually, each barony will have two *calendar* events and all other groups are limited to a single *calendar* event. Multi-group events do not count towards these limits. This change becomes effective January 1, 2004. Groups are not limited in the number of events they may hold, only in the number of *calendar* events. The significance being that armigerous awards can only be read at kingdom *calendar* events. (The award itself could be given at an off calendar event, as long as it had been read in court at a previous calendar event.) Many groups across the kingdom are faced with making some difficult choices. 

This was the primary topic of discussion at our recent business meeting. Elfsea is not a democracy and we will make the decision we feel is in the best interest of the barony as a whole. However, we value your opinion and want to hear your thoughts on this important issue. We believe a reduction in our event schedule may be beneficial, not only to satisfy kingdom law, but also to deter excessive burnout from overworked volunteers. Please look at the 2003 schedule of events hosted by Elfsea, Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor and/or the College of Threebridges:

___* Queen's Champion
___Elfsea Baronial College
___Elfsea Passage of Arms
___* Gulf War (while not hosted by us, it elicits significant resources from us)
___Elfsea Springfaire
___Guardian of Dragonsfire Tor
___* Knowne World Music & Dance
___Highland Games Demo
___Newcomers Revel
___* King's Roundtable
___Keller Library Demo
___Arlington Library Demo
___Elfsea Defender
___* King's Lancer
___* Ansteorran Middle Eastern Dance Championship
___* Fall Arts Symposium
___* Crown Tournament
___Dragonsfire Tor Yule Revel
___Elfsea Fool's Court
___Threebridges' Annual Recruitment Demo
___Dragonsfire Tor's Walmart Demo
___Loch Ruadh Demo in Joshua
___Loch Ruadh presence at the Cancer Walk Demo
___Mini Demo at a local Karate school

That's 25 activities, 8 of which were * kingdom or knowne world activities. While some activities do not require much effort, keep in mind that we also help with numerous events hosted by other groups.

Current Calendar Events include:
Elfsea: Baronial College, Springfaire & Defender
Loch Ruadh: Lughnasad
Dragonsfire Tor: Guardian & Yule Revel

Elfsea Defender will definitely continue as one of the barony's *calendar* events.

We would like to hear your response, OFF LIST, at dragonetti at generich.com to the following:

To Elfsea, Loch Ruadh, Dragonsfire Tor & Threebridges:
  Combining an event(s) with another group has been suggested as a way to comply with kingdom law, however, for the purpose of this exercise, let us assume that an actual reduction in activities is desirable and we want to eliminate one entirely. (Perhaps only temporarily)

  Which event would you cancel, (not hold at all) in 2004? 
     - Baronial College
     - Springfaire
     - Cancel them both in favor of some new event

To Dragonsfire Tor:
  Which event would you take off the kingdom calendar in 2004? 
     - Guardian of Dragonsfire Tor
     - DFT Yule Revel

To everyone:
We would like to see the true support each of these events generates. (Not your intentions, but what you actually have done in the past) Looking at the list of activities above, please rank your support of each (use last year's event if we have not yet held it this year)

0 = Did not attend 
1 = Attended the event
2 = Volunteered and worked as hard as most other volunteers
3 = Worked as hard as the autocrat or feastocrat.

The questions above certainly do not represent the only possibilities but we ask that you limit your response to just these questions. If you have other suggestions about this issue, please feel free to share them in a separate message.

Please print this message and share it with those who have no email access. We hope you will see this as a good chance to voice your concerns and weigh in on an important decision for our future. While we always welcome a phone call, we request that in this case, you actually write a response and hand it to us at populace, business meeting, fighter practice or send it via email. That will be most helpful to us and assure that your opinion does not get *forgotten* :-)

Difficult decisions are more palatable when those they affect are informed ahead of time. We want you to be informed and to be prepared for what the future may hold.

Armand & Ameline
Baron & Baroness of Elfsea
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