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the name u ask for   is vivian   ( her dad is don mckenna    cfw   purchising    i dont have his ph #        see ya woofie 

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We meet at Aingaels house in Benbrook.    It;s on Park Ct off of Vernon Castle

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Where do we meet?
                        John & Grainne

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My Lords and Ladies

We need to get the Canton's "stuff"  put back in the shed in Weatherford.  To that end we need some volunteers to help clean and pack the Canton's equipment and at least two (three would be better) pick up trucks to help haul the various pieces of Cantion equipment back to Weatherford.

There fore I propose that we do this this coming Saturday the 11th at 9:00 am.  Please let me know if anyone can come give us a hand this coming Saturday Morning 

Yours in Service

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