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Tue Oct 14 10:57:05 PDT 2003

Bardic has moved to the 4th Saturday of the month. With the Fall Arts Symposium on the same day as bardic and not knowing if I would get home in time to prepare for bardic, Vivian graciously offered to be our host this month. Directions will be posted a day or two before when the reminder goes out.
Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

  Madelina wrote:

  I probably won't be able to attend the symposium, but would like to see the video.  Please post directions.  I thought bardics were still at your house, Dana.  I have been too tired lately to do much of anything, and have missed some meetings & events which I would have liked to attend.  I am still struggling to catch up at work since a co-worker got fired and I picked up almost all her accounts and still have my previous ones.  And I'm having to spend extra time helping Brighid with her homework because she went from the AB honor roll to failing almost all her classes in one semester.  She seems to have a bad case of the "tweenager" years.  

  On a happy note, the carpenters finished replacing the soffets & facia (sp?) around the eaves of the house, and the painters have been busy.  They should be done by this weekend, and then the roofers come to put on yet another new roof, decking and all, to replace the new one that leaks and makes me think I've wet the bed anytime it rains.

  Now if I can talk Logan into painting the inside of the house... new flooring in the kitchen... redo the bathrooms....


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