[Loch-Ruadh] Happy birthdays...

Donna Wallis mama_mac at airmail.net
Sun Oct 26 12:52:12 PST 2003

Can we say Mama Mac's house is gonna over flow with cake, ice cream and candles this week!! 

I just may have an abundance of cakes for you to try to perfect your technique er... recipe for your "dump cake" this week!! Especially if it makes you go into another fit of laughter and giggles. That was priceless last night :) 

Loch Ruadh REALLY  ROCKS!!!

  Magdalea wrote:

  Seems we have an abundance of birthdays this week so I thought I would send a few out…


  Oct 25th – Oona Mac an Ghabhann  

  Oct 26th – Conall Mac an Ghabhann 

  Oct 27th – Aingeal Mac an Ghabhann

  Oct 29th – Morgan MacDomnaill



  So to all these October babies….   HAPPY MAC-BIRTHDAY!






  P.S. If anyone wants my technique er… I mean recipe for “dump cake” I may hold a class <snicker>   


  P.S.S. Vivian you gotta do something about that gravity well in your laundry room! <hehehehe>

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