Bad but not as bad as first thought... (Was: [Loch-Ruadh] not a good year)

Mon Aug 2 21:06:02 PDT 2004

Just to let folks know we are home. My Nanny (Grandmother) remains in the
hospital but the good news is no stroke! YEAH! Bad news is she has glaucoma
(hence the headaches) and they found a begnin tumor in her brain (hence the
left hand numbess/difficulty moving). The Neuro Dr saw her today and feels
the tumor dosent need medical intervention at this time but they are going
to treat the glaucoma to get the headaches under control and to prevent any
further vision loss. The Dr wont let her go home alone (she has lived by
herself all these years... keep in mind she is 94!) so she has to make a
decision on what to do... move in with one of her kids, grandkids or go to
an assisted living center. So please keep her in your prayers still as she
has treatment for the glaucoma, pray that the tumor dosent grow, and that
she can make a decision the whole family can live with! <grin>

Thanks for everyones support... y'all are wonderful!


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