[Loch-Ruadh] i agree with"not a good year"

david & ginger davidandgenger at wccs.net
Wed Aug 4 19:31:54 PDT 2004

sorry i missed populace- so much has been going on that i forgot. i'm not
going to be able to make it this weekend either. we don't know yet just how
much the vet bill is going to be, but hope that it is under $1000. this past
sat. night, our three horses joined forces and broke into the barn nearest
them and proceeded to ingest about 200 lbs of feed(about half of that was
chicken scratch). my wifes horse, being the oldest took it the worst...she
developed colic and foundered. we did all that we could(i.v., pain meds, and
anti-coagulants), but to no avail. my wife called me at work to get me to
come home... cupid was blind and could barely stand- she had an extremely
high fever as well. i did what had to be done. ginger had her since she was
10 years old. that made cupid between 26 and 30(a ripe old age for most
horses), and ginger new that the time was soon, but we didn't think it would
be like it turned out to be. the same night( a full moon as i recall) my
neighbor broke his ankle on both sides(compound on his tibia i believe) and
my wife has to tend to his children till he has surgery and is more capable
of managing around the house(he is on social security and his wife works).
sorry for rambling, but i felt the need to inform ya'll of the circumstances
surrounding my abscence. 
                                                                               david and ginger
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