[Loch-Ruadh] i agree with"not a good year"

Irina Radokovaia irina_radokovaia at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 4 21:11:24 PDT 2004

don't worry about it.  You have to take care of yourself first.  I know how 
painful loosing an old friend can be.  A few years ago we lost a horse about 
the same age, and we always have the danger of a mass colic epidimic because 
of the amount of hay we keep.  I hope the other two horses are getting over 
it okay.  I'll take a lot of pictures or send my camera around with people 
and post them on the list.

Our prayers go out to you in your time of need.


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>sorry i missed populace- so much has been going on that i forgot. i'm not
>going to be able to make it this weekend either. we don't know yet just how
>much the vet bill is going to be, but hope that it is under $1000. this 
>sat. night, our three horses joined forces and broke into the barn nearest
>them and proceeded to ingest about 200 lbs of feed(about half of that was
>chicken scratch). my wifes horse, being the oldest took it the worst...she
>developed colic and foundered. we did all that we could(i.v., pain meds, 
>anti-coagulants), but to no avail. my wife called me at work to get me to
>come home... cupid was blind and could barely stand- she had an extremely
>high fever as well. i did what had to be done. ginger had her since she was
>10 years old. that made cupid between 26 and 30(a ripe old age for most
>horses), and ginger new that the time was soon, but we didn't think it 
>be like it turned out to be. the same night( a full moon as i recall) my
>neighbor broke his ankle on both sides(compound on his tibia i believe) and
>my wife has to tend to his children till he has surgery and is more capable
>of managing around the house(he is on social security and his wife works).
>sorry for rambling, but i felt the need to inform ya'll of the 
>surrounding my abscence.
>     david and ginger
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