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I'm sorry to hear that, let him know we miss him and we wish him a speedy recover. If you could re-post his e-mail so I can talk with him, I'd like that very much.

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  Just to Let everyone know...I don't have much info at the moment and I will let everyone know when I find out more.

  Cormac called and told us that he broke his foot...hense his graduation date is pushed back 4 to 6 weeks...He is currently in a Medical Platoon for recovery. 

  You can still write him at the previous address and they will forward his mail to him. After he is released from the Medical Platoon he will be assigned to another platoon.

  So send him get well cards and do not forget that his birthday is coming up...Sept 11


  My best guess is that he tried to kick a DI...they are harder than they look. :)


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