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Having been a Herald for many years in the SCA I can appreciate how much effort is put into searching out personna and names. 
The old way was from libraries and word of mouth. but now that the internet is available, we are innundated with reference materials. 
One of the major items assisting Heralds is to know where the ideas came from regarding the name. It would help us in attempting to help you if we had the web reference you used, so that we can figure out where these names came from. 

One of the best places to start searching for names is the following:


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>well... I wanted to see what the list thought of a couple of names...keep in mind that their c15 gelderland- Fieke(for my wife) and Focke(for myself...that would make me Focke Van Suydtbroek...well? what do you think of Fieke and Focke? I found them on a seemingly legit website. Please give me you honest opinion ;) thanks-Focke?

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