[Loch-Ruadh] Fighter in need

mama mac mama_mac at airmail.net
Thu Aug 19 08:01:31 PDT 2004

Call Aingeal at home (817-294-8136) after you get home tonight!! They have a
helm you can borrow.


Ili wrote:

    This is my formal request for help!

    Greetings one and all,

    I have been fighting with a loner helmet for about 2 years when the
owner of the helmet for financial reasons had to sell the helmet. I have
however made a promise to my mentor Conor/Bear that I would fight in Gothic
War however to do so I need a helmet.
    Now do not think that I'm wanting to use a helmet for a very long time..
no indeed. I've already sent out money to purchase a new helmet that will be
MINE... my precious.. .. uh.. sorry.. anyhow.. I just need one for the time
being until I recieve my helmet in the mail. That way I can actually show at
practices with my armour and all, and actually *do* some fighting.
    If you have an extra helmet, or can spare one for a new fighter, it
would be greatly appreciated, and well taken care of in my possession. You
may contact me privately at  ilishna1 at earthlink.net, on the list, or call me
at (817) 232-5647.  However keep in mind I do not get home until 6:00 in the
evening, and that I live in Saginaw. I am willing to drive to borrow a
helmet as long as it not like in Dallas or something REALLY far.
    I do appreciate any help that anyone can give at this time.


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