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One of the major items that the College will be seraching for is accurate adnd period documentations. Your source does not attempt either, I am afraid. 

Ok, I can see where you would think that the names were "cute". And there have been many successful research projects towards that goal. In most cases the individual involved, after many years putting up with the same old joke in the SCA, and often after gaining high rank, did actual research and changed the name to more reflect the actual personna that had been developed over the years. 

But if you really want cute, there was a name going around some years back that is documentable in period. All I ask is that you do the research for it, and that way you can discover the effort that many of us go through in helping people with names. 
You could become Frosty Snaeman. 

Crandall, Herald-at-large

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>The site you found the names on is one of the sites to avoid because she chose not to provide any documentation for the names. While parts of it do at least make a good starting point I'm afraid the Frisian section is probably inaccurate and out of period on a number of the names. The poem that many of the names were culled from was published in a newspaper that to the best I can find, did not start up until sometime in the 1800's.
>If you are able to make the SCA 101 class we can talk after it's over about names. 

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