[Loch-Ruadh] thank to all

david & ginger davidandgenger at wccs.net
Sun Aug 22 17:25:50 PDT 2004

my family and I would like to thank everyone for their warm welcome this
weekend. I would personally like to thank the Baroness(who, by the way is
NOT intimidating OR bossy,and if I keep telling my knees and my children
that maybe they will all stop trembling;) for inviting us into her home(and
her husband as well). thanks to Dunston and his wife for the same. both were
informative and enjoyable. also, thank you Dohmnall for your continuous
assistance and Lord Duckie for the use of your armor .  Wolfie...I hear such
wondorous tales of your talent in florentine that they must surely pass into
legend. that being so, I most humbly request your guidance in my quest to
attain some small degree of skill in this, the greatest of all fighting
techniques(well, in my opinion, anyway). 
                                                     warmest regards, 
                                                                     david & family  
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