[Loch-Ruadh] Many Thanks

Dennis Polley polleydd at hotmail.com
Mon Aug 23 11:14:22 PDT 2004

I would like to extend my warmest thanks and my first VIVAT unto the 
populace of Loch Ruadh who made this past weekend so memorable for me and my 
family. A personal thanks to Lord Terence for showing my daughter how to 
shoot a bow and for showing me a few things on guitar. A thank you to the 
fighters (heavy, of course) of Loch Ruadh for making me feel welcome. If 
those men (a women) were not carrying boards and swords, I would have 
thought them the gentlest of souls. I just goes to show you, Chivalry lives 
in Loch Ruadh. Baroness Dana, that is a direct reflection on you. You should 
be proud of the people you gather around yourself. I hope to meet more of 
you at Bardic this weekend.


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