[Loch-Ruadh] Rattan Supply?

Padraig Ruad O Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Thu Aug 26 13:56:17 PDT 2004

I forgot to include this in my previous post:

Go to http://www.google.com, and type in rattan sca.  You'll get 
several pages of good links for online sources of rattan.


> There are several online supply sources, but you end up paying 
> charges.  You'll sometimes see a notice on one of the lists that 
> someone is going to make an order and invites others toget in on it 
> a bulk order can be made and save on the overall shipping charges.
> Most fighters get their rattan from merchants at events.  There will 
> very likely be at least one merchant selling rattan at Elfsea 
> next month, and there may be one or more at Gothic Wars on Labor Day 
> Weekend.  It generally runs about $20 - $25 for an 8 to 9 foot stick.
> Padraig
> > Where do the Chivalric fighters get their rattan from? (This is not 
> > riddle) I am need to begin making my swords, but am unable to find 
> rattan 
> > supplier outside of events. Any help would be appreciated.
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