[Loch-Ruadh] Names for mordie and Ili

mordikar mordikar at earthlink.net
Sat Aug 28 06:19:44 PDT 2004

Well Ili and i have finally got ourselves real sca names (not that we won't still answer to mordie and ili :)  )

Hálfdan drómundr Hjọrtsson

and Ilishna:
Kaölin inn illi Bassadóttir 

my descriptive by name drómundr (or nickname means "warship" (ili picked it)  and her by name inn illi means the bad or the evil (hey she picked that one out too .. not my fault if it fits!  ;>  )

Thought we'd share and see Domhnall needed or could do conflict checking before we fill out all the paper work for that. 
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