[Loch-Ruadh] Names for mordie and Ili

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Actually according to the pronuciation guide in "the old norse name" we took
the pronunciations as

Halfdan (pronouncing the l)
Dromunder (Long O like Over short U like Under)
Hyort's son (Hy like karatee hiyaa, short o like in your ts son)


Ili's name ia pronounced 'Kay O lin'  (long o like Over)
in ili
Bassadottir (bah sah dOe tir)

Devices are under way and are really just waiting for ili to pick between
green or red :)

I'm kinda jealous though ... i mae her a cooler device than i made me ..
:(  gonna have to find a way to fix that!!

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> Nothing's worse than Welsh.  :-)
> Hálfdan drómundr Hjọrtsson
> HAF-dan (sometimes HALF-dan, pronouncing the L)
> DRAY-mund (sometimes DRAY-mund-er; the ending "r" isn't always voiced)
> YARTS-son (or if you want to trip over it, try HYARTS-son, with the
> first syllable pronounced like a karate yell, "HYAH")
> Kaölin inn illi Bassadóttir
> KAY-oh-lin
> in IL-lee
> BAH-sah-Dah-ter
> After learning Irish Gaelic pronounciation, Norse is easy.
> Padraig
> > Please send phonetic pronunciation, if you have it.  Norse is as bad,
> or
> > worse, than Welsh!
> > Gwenllian
> > Loch Ruadh Rocks!!
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