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Tue Mar 2 07:35:47 PST 2004

First a reminder.  We are not renting a truck this year.  Also big blue is not attending gulf war.  The current rules for list field pavilions will have a day by day assignments(See gulf war rules for details).  Smaller easily assembled pavilions are recommended.

Spring Faire is progressing nicely.  There will be a meeting for Spring Faire at the Shed day April 3rd.  We have an Archery coordinator.  Thank you Feargus for stepping forward.  Also we will need many of  those plastic Easter eggs and filler for the children, if you have some around please consider donating them.  Please talk to autocrats if you are unsure of filler.  (i.e. gum bad for small kids/ no live things/ etc...)

A & S Looking for instructors.  April will be card weaving with Mistress Stella, June will be Taught by our youth, Daniel will teach Butter Churning.  If other youth have skills they would like to teach please encourage them to step forward.  

Knight Marshal - Fighter practice is going well.  Loaner armor is in bad shape we will need to look at replacing some pieces.

Archery Marshal (acting) - Loch Ruadh has obtained a site.  At this time we are encouraging our Elfsea archers to attend the Loch Ruadh practice as guests.

Chamberlain - Remember the shed day April 3rd.  We need people to help sort.  Also we need people who can help identify items, so they can be marked and used.

Officers and Guild Principals are asked to write a brief description of their monthly meeting to be used as filler in the scroll.  This should aide newcomers and remind old-timers.  

Financial Policy - For those interested in the Baronial Financial policy.  We will meet at William and Cassandra's home Thursday April 22nd to draft the addendums to the kingdom minimums we feel the Barony needs.  These will be sent to Kingdom for approval then presented to the populace for approval.

Cassandra Palfrey
Seneschal of Elfsea
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