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Sounds like pretty good, well-informed advice, to me!

Loch Ruadh Rocks!!

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>The job market today is hard and sometimes you need to
>humiliate yourself into a job.  I spent over 2 years
>looking for full time work.  During those 2 years I
>took up temp jobs.  I changed my student job at Purdue
>into a temp job until I found a real job.  But after
>looking for almost a year I did not find anything.
>I then took a huge chance, packed up my car and move
>back here to texas to find a job.  I did not find
>anything the first 3 months I was here.  I finally
>started going door to door and found work at a temp
>But when I hit another 3-4 months of no work, I did
>the super serious job search.  I applied for
>unemployment at TWC, went in there every month, and
>the last time I went in the guy told me to find all of
>the government places I could and see what jobs they
>So I got onto google.com and ran searches for all of
>the "City of" web sites between Weatherford to
>Lewisville.  I looked up every single ISD in those
>same areas.  I also looked up every college.  I was on
>every online job board.  I started looking on
>usajobs.com or govjobs.com or something like that.  My
>search for a full time job became a full time job.  I
>have bookmarked 59 web sites that I use to find jobs
>in this area.
>I finally caught a break when last summer I applied to
>13 different IT jobs at UTA.  I had 3 interviews from
>those.  1 of those interviews I was told I was
>"overqualified".  But I had my choice of which one of
>the other 2 jobs I wanted.
>The thing is, I am way underpaid and overqualified for
>the PC/Printer Tech job I am doing now.  I am paid
>half of what I should be.  But hey, its a full time
>job.  I am making 24k a year now when I should be
>making at least 40k.
>The way the IT job market is today is not the way it
>was 5 years ago.  There are no more bloated budgets
>being spent on IT.  They are doing more for less, and
>there are millions of other unemployed IT people out
>there looking for the same job you are.
>Here are my tips for finding a job.
>1. Don't use the online job sites.  They don't work,
>because you and 8 million other people are looking at
>the same job.
>2. Network around. Talk to as many job recruiters that
>you possibly can find.  There are quite a few in the
>DFW area.
>3. Every company, school, university, government
>agency has a web site.  Look and see what they have.
>4. Texas Workforce Commission has a list of jobs as
>well, but not everything that is available in the
>5. Make looking for a full time job your full time
>6. Take what you can get, not what you want.  Humble
>yourself into a job.  You can still look for that
>better job while working the crappy one you find.
>7. Drive around and see what companies are out there.
>There are quite a few off of 360 and all of the exits
>from 30 to the airport.  While you are driving around,
>stop off at places and see if they are hiring, fill
>out an app and drop off your resume.
>8. Make a plan.  Small steps are better than a giant
>9. Find a way to branch out your skills.  I am a "jack
>of all trades" type of IT person.  I find that to be a
>plus since I am not locked into a single job title
>like "System Administrator" or "PC Technician" or
>"Disaster Recovery" or "Network Engineer".  I can do
>all of those things.
>One of the things that I hate to say is that Fort
>Worth is bad for IT jobs, but I see jobs all of the
>time in Dallas and Plano.  Landing the job at UTA in
>Arlington is a springboard to get me into Dallas and
>Plano and hopefully that bigger paying job making 40k
>or more a year.
>UTA will pay for my certifications like A+, Dell, HP,
>and Apple.  They will reimburse me on MSCE if I pass
>the exams.  I am finding that more and more places are
>looking at certifications over education.  So I will
>not be leaving UTA until I get the certs that I need.
>Many of us have been in the same place of not finding
>full time employment.  Heck, when I first moved to
>Indiana, the first job I got there was unloading
>trucks in the middle of the night for Walmart.  It was
>a crappy job, but at least I had money in my pocket.
>That is my dollar fifty's worth of story and advice.
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