[Loch-Ruadh] OT - but good

Elizabeth Hawkwood rbnew5 at netscape.net
Fri Mar 5 09:00:25 PST 2004

Thought some of you might like this:

> Consider this the story of the week from a Marine Gunnery Sergeant in 
> Iraq.  ~ 
> So we are up in the mountains at about 0100 (1AM for you civilians) 
> looking for a bad guy that
> we thought was in the area. Here are ten of us, pitch black, crystal 
> clear night, about 25 degrees. We know there are bad guys in the area, 
> a few
> shots have been fired but no big deal. We decide that we need air 
> cover and the only thing in the area is a solo B-1 bomber.
> He flies around at about 20,000 feet and tells us there is nothing in 
> the area. He then asks if we would like a low level show of force.
> Stupid question. Of course, we tell him yes.
> The controller who is attached to the team then is heard talking to 
> the pilot. Pilot asks if we want it subsonic or supersonic.
> Very stupid question.
> Pilot advises he is twenty miles out and to stand by. The controller 
> gets us all sitting down in a line and points out the proper location. 
> You have to
> picture this. Pitch black, ten killers sitting down, dead quiet and 
> overlooking this about 30-mile long valley.
> All of a sudden, way out (below our level) you see a set of four 200' 
> white flames coming at us. The controller says, "Ah-- guys? you might 
> want to plug
> your ears." Faster than you can think a B-1, supersonic, 1000' over 
> our heads, blasts the sound barrier and it feels like God just hit you 
> in the
> head with a hammer. He then stands it straight up with 4 white trails 
> of flame coming out and disappears.
> Cost of gas for that: Probably $50,000. Hearing damage: For certain. 
> Bunch of ragheads thinking twice about shooting at us: Priceless.

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