[Loch-Ruadh] If you need me...

Chris Harper bice.pietro at charter.net
Wed Mar 10 20:58:51 PST 2004

Just thought I would let everyone know that I am out of pocket a lot of the 
time right now and it will be that way for a few weeks.   My Mother, (92 
yrs young this Sat.) finally agreed to move back up here from Lake 
Whitney!  It will be so much easier on me to try and help her with a few 
things when I don't have to drive for an hour or more, first.

So, if anyone needs to get me, just call my cell phone; most of you have 
the number and those that don't can contact Dana for it.  And if there is 
anything I am supposed to do, please, remind me.

Thanks for understanding,


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