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> Greetings!
> I had the good fortune last evening to hear news of
> the war from our lovely and gracious Queen Conal,
> who bade me share these joyous tidings with all
> who keep the home fires burning (please forgive me 
> any inadvertant errors in the retelling):
> Tuesday's spear tourney, hosted by House Asgard of
> Trimaris, was won by our very own King Miguel.
> Many worthy gentles were recognized by Their
> Majesties for their contributions to our fair 
> kingdom:
> -Melissa McGullivray received her AoA.
> -Their Excellencies Northkeep, Ainar and Mercedes,
> both received Sable Cranes.
> -Ciannan O'Donnel received his second (!) Thistle
> for Bardcraft - his bardic abilities must indeed be
> great!
> -Frederick of Rosenfeld, after displaying great
> courage in the town battle, received his Sable
> Falcon on the field of battle.
> Centurions Anton and Morgan have earned great
> wordfame - apparently they took turns killing the 
> Trimaran king, His Majesty Mittion, with the *same*
> glaive, which has now been dubbed "Kingslayer!"
> And last but not least...Yesterday saw the deciding
> of the war's first war points: the town battle and a
> new point called "Protect the King." With much
> chivalry, and bravery, Ansteorra won both points!
> Vivat to our fellows at the War, who bring honor to
> Ansteorra with feats both great and small...
> And vivat to those at home, who protect our borders
> while our warriors do battle in foreign lands!
> Vivat Rex!
> Vivat Regina!
> Vivat Ansteorra!
> Warmest Regards,
> Countess Sara Penrose
> (at home this year....)

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