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> Greetings all!
> I have received more news from our fellow Ansteorrans
> at the war. 
> Among the recent warpoints were the Champions Battles,
> in which each kingdom choses 15 of its finest fighters
> to meet in one-on-one combat. We won both the
> Chivalric Champions Battle (11 to 4) and the Rapier
> Champions Battle (9 to 6). In the open field battle,
> while we lost the first point, we won the remaining
> two!
> The sides in the moat battle were unevenly matched, so
> our noble king and his wise general, Duke Patrick
> Michael, gallantly yielded two units of our own men to
> Trimaris, so that the sides might be more even. With
> the help of Ansteorrans, Trimaris won the moat battle!
> I have received no official word about the overall
> outcome of the A&S point, but I have heard that two
> Ansteorran entries received perfect scores!
> Unfortunately, the missive I received did not name
> those talented gentles, but I will be sure to post an
> update once I get more details.
> Last night saw the recognition of many worthy
> Ansteorrans during our kingdom court. Among those who
> received awards were:
> - Lady Liadan Bregh - Sable Crane
> - Duchess Julia de Montoya - Star of Merit
> - Sir Randall der Krieger - Sable Crane
> - HE Armand Dragonetti - Sable Falcon
> Other awards were also given during this court, but I
> don't yet have a complete report. I'll try to get a
> full list and post it later.
> Congratulations to everyone who was recognized in
> court, to all those fighters who were chosen to
> represent Ansteorra in the Champions Battles, to our
> valiant forces who fought in the open field and moat
> battles, and to our noble foemen, the mighty warriors
> of Trimaris!
> Vivat!!
> Warmest regards,
> Sara
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