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Kathy Varner dkv250 at msn.com
Mon Mar 22 08:58:09 PST 2004

Tegwared and I returned home late last evening (11:00 pm) and with a do not 
pass go attitude proceeded to our bed. As of now, most of the camping 
contingent should be snug in their homes. I believe that only the Baroness 
and family were traveling home this day.
We received no official news on Shire status, but word was sent to our 
Baroness that the Crown would be in touch with her this week.

Many were the honors and glories of our fighters, youth, and volunteers, 
word fame spread far and wide. Our encampment and hospitality were greatly 
praised. Keeping in mind that we are Loch Ruadh there were massive 
quantities of Ruadh Noises and not a few Boners pulled. More to come. I 
believe that a Gulf Wars issue is planned and that it will not lack for 
One of our greatest thrills was that Their Royal Majesties did visit our 
encampment! They arrived at sometime after 1:30 in the morning after long an 
inebrious revels Thursday night. The 7 intrepid hangers on did quickly 
attain sobriety and enjoyed some 45 minutes to an hour of song, 
story-telling, and conversation with the Crown and Their entouage. We were 
highly honored by Their presence and chattered to near the dawn after their 
departure. A missive was penned to detail this historic event and will be 
made available soon.

Boners included Humphrey in court, and a Royal Mooning, but you'll get the 
details on all this later.
I would highly recommed attendance at Bardic Saturday to hear a recounting 
of tales and honors.

Our own Lord Alric was awarded a Thistle in Knotwork at Court, you must ask 
to see his unique symbol of honor.

We are very glad to have returned home after a fun and exciting week. I 
would personally recommend attendance at War to everyone.

See you Saturday at Dana's

Catrin ferch Rhys

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