[Loch-Ruadh] The Shire of Loch Ruadh

Patrick Bixler pbwidget68 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 28 09:25:41 PST 2004

I just wanted to say how happy I am to hear that we
will soon be the SHIRE of Loch Ruadh.  As some of you
know, I was part of this group when we put in the
paperwork to become a Canton. We have all worked hard
for our little part of "The Dream" and to bring this
group to what it is today.  The road may have been
bumpy and long, but the rewards have been well worth
the journey.  

I would like to toss out a hardy Vivat!!! to everyone
who helped make this possible.

Life is good in Loch Ruadh.

Eirikr Gunolfson

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