[Loch-Ruadh] List Etiquette (Or Netiquette, If You Wish)

Pádraig Ruad Ó Maolagáin padraig_ruad at irishbard.org
Tue Aug 1 16:27:29 PDT 2006

Greetings, Good folk of Loch Ruadh (and all others who may be subscribers
to the Loch Ruadh List)

As the List Administrator, from time to time I send out a few reminders
about etiquette in posting to the Loch Ruadh list.  (No, no one has
committed a faux pas recently.  I just thought it was time to post these,
so that the “no faux pas” trend continues.)

*  Most importantly, remember that this is a public list that anyone can
subscribe to, and that we strive to keep it family oriented.  Innuendoes
and “Ruadh Noises” are fine, but let’s keep it at least “PG” rated.

*  Wherever possible, use plain text instead of HTML.  You never know what
email program others are using to read your emails, and many times HTML
formatted emails show up as a jumble of HTML commands interspersed with
the message text on a plain text reader.

*  Always sign your posts.  You may think that everyone will recognize
your email address, but that may not necessarily be so.  Heck, I’m the
List Administrator, and even _I_ don’t always recognize some of the

*  Quote what you are answering.  It’s perfectly obvious to me what
particular post in a thread of emails that I’m answering, but if there are
several posts in that thread and I don’t quote the one I’m answering,
others may have no idea what my comments or answers are in reference to.

*  Don’t over-quote.  Trim off whatever doesn’t pertain to your answer or
comment.  Trim off the administrival extra lines that ISPs, email programs
and even the Ansteorran Mailman server adds on to every email.  Not only
does it make email much easier and more pleasant to read, but none of us
has unlimited space in our inboxes.  Trimming unnecessary reduces the size
of the email, and saves a lot of otherwise wasted space.

*  Occasional off-topic posts are fine, but don’t forward every joke and
story that ends up in your inbox to the list.  Remember that the list
exists primarily to exchange information that is of interest to the group.

*  A big pet peeve of mine:  When you use the list to try to contact
someone (“In Search Of Lady Xyz” or “Will Lord Abc Please Contact Me”),
PLEASE don’t begin your email with “Please pardon the bandwidth” or some
similar statement.  The list is a method of communication; trying to get
in contact with someone via the list is a perfectly valid use of it, and
requires no apology or codicil.

*  If you have a problem with something someone else has posted to the
list, take it off the list and deal with the person directly.  While flame
wars can sometimes be amusing, they tend to cause a lot of problems, not
least of which is getting other people involved who had nothing to do with
the issue in the first place.  Again, there have been no problems in this
area.  I have never had to moderate the list, and I’d like it to continue
that way.

*  Don’t send overly large emails or attach large files to your email
(I’ve been guilty of this one).  The Mailman server is set to hold large
files for approval by the Administrator (yours truly, but hopefully soon
someone else).  I look at them before approving them to go on to the list.
 Much better to provide a link to whatever it is you’re referencing.

In Service,
Acting List Administrator
Nunc est bibendum.
Politicians prefer unarmed peasants.

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